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‘E.B.G. Jones Mycological Laboratory’: The MRC has a well-equipped and separate fungal lab, labeled as above. The facility has enough bench-space to work at any given time with a minimum of 15-20 mycologists and has facilities such as several fine, high-resolution compound microscopes (stereo- and transmitted-light) fitted with very good photo-micrographic camera, wet-sterilization facility for microbiological culture media preparation, sterile laminar air-flow chamber for isolation and culturing of fungi, cold-storage facility to maintain growing cultures, dust-and mites-free storage space, adequate amount of consumables and disposables for fungal work. Well-trained lab-assistants with pleasing manners are there to assist the researching guests.

The lab, library, lecture-hall and chalets are connected with 24 h Wi-Fi internet, water and electricity.

The facilities are available for use only on advance booking and payment.

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